Rules and Regulations
“Lure of the Dragons”, Lake Lure, N.C.

1.   Waivers:   Each team member must submit a United States Canoe/Kayak Insurance liability waiver form to Race Management before getting onto a boat.  Each team member agrees to waive any claims against Lake Lure Dragon Boat racing directors, USA Dragon Boating, LLC, the Town of Lake Lure, all event beneficiaries, sponsors and volunteers that may arise from personal injury or death or damage to personal property caused by participation in dragon boat practices or races.  It is the responsibility of the team captain to return signed waiver forms to Race Management prior to the team’s first on-water practice.

2.   Cancellation:   If Team chooses to cancel this contract 30 days prior to the race date it shall be refunded its deposit less a $100 service fee.  If Team cancels for any reason less than 30 days prior to the race date then Team will not be entitled to any refund.

3.   Fulfillment of Contract:   Race event is a rain or shine event; however, should the event be cancelled for any reason except natural acts of God, Race Management will be obligated to refund only monies received from Team which will release Race Management from any claims or damage from the Team.

4.   Team Sponsorship:   Race Management retains all rights to advertising, sponsorship and commercial representation for the event.  Race Management is under no obligation to individual team sponsors, and may refuse any commercial representation on the LLDBR website, promotional materials and at the race venue.  Race Management will not be responsible for any team’s representation of their organization.  Representation of the organization responsible for the team and its sponsor(s) shall be limited to: a) clothing such as team uniforms (T-shirts, sweat suits, hats, headbands, athletic bags); b) one team flag not exceeding six feet in any direction (team flags are not allowed in dragon boats); c) other items deemed appropriate by Race Management.

5.   Race Conduct - All team members will:

  1. Abide by race rules and requirements of Race Management.
  2. Conduct him/herself consistent with good sportsmanship, friendship and respect for the traditions of the Dragon Boats and culture of participating organizations and individuals.
  3. Paddle from a seated position. For safety reason, standing up or kneeling positions are not permitted.
  4. In the event of a team member falling out of the boat, the team shall stop paddling immediately; stay with the team member and wait for instruction from the safety personnel.
  5. Any intentional entrance of a teammate into the water will result in automatic team disqualification.
  6. The captain shall be responsible for the conduct of his/her team.  The captain is also responsible for communicating and distributing all practice and race information to the team.

6.   Official Dragon Boat Team:

  1. Consists of the following: 12 paddlers maximum consisting of : 10 paddlers with up to 2 alternates drawn from the Official Team Roster, 1 drummer and 1 steersperson with a total roster of 14 crew members.
  2. A team may supply their own steersperson as long as they are: listed on the Team Roster and are certified and approved by Race Officials.  In the event a team is eliminated from the race, the steersperson may enter the steersperson pool with Race Management approval, and steer for multiple teams.  If a team does not have a registered steersperson, then one will be provided by Race Management on race day.
  3. A registered team may have up to two team members that are fourteen (14)  to seventeen (17) years of age prior to race day and no team member under the age of eighteen (18) will be allowed to practice or race without written consent and waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.  

7.   Team Roster: The name of all team members (drummer, paddlers and steersperson) must be registered on the Official Team Roster.  Only those team members listed on their respective Team’s Roster can race for that team.  Any team which allows a non-registered person to participate as a crew member on that team will be disqualified.

8.   Steerspersons:  All steerspersons must be certified and approved by Race Officials.  With approval from Race Management, a steersperson may enter the steerspersons pool and participate in that capacity on multiple teams.  A steersperson listed on a team roster (team steersperson), can only request entry into the pool after their teams elimination from the race.
On race day, each team will be allowed two restarts caused by their team steersperson.  The third team steersperson caused restart will disqualify the team. 
In the same situation, if the steersperson was from the pool, the team captain will have the choice of any of the pool steersperson as a replacement and the team will continue in the competition. 

9.  Mixed Gender Teams: There are no gender requirements for a mixed gender team. The team must meet the requirements for a total race complement of 10 paddlers, plus one drummer and steersperson. 

10.  Breast Cancer Survivor Teams: 

  1. The team must have a minimum of 6 Breast Cancer Survivors for a total race complement of 10 paddlers, plus one drummer and steersperson.   
  2. The steersperson may be of either gender and does not need to be a Breast Cancer Survivor. 

11.  Masters Teams:
       a.  The team must consist of age 40 and over paddlers.
       b.  The steersperson may be of either gender and does not have an age restriction.

13.  Race Jury:  If a team captain has a race dispute, the captain may register a protest for review by the Race Jury.  The Race Jury will consist of the Starter, Official Timer and  Race Official.  After consultation, the Race Official will make the final determination and advise the team captain.

 14.  Right to Likeness:   Race Management has the right to use your likeness in any video, newsprint, promotional materials, or other media to promote this event and future events.

15. Equipment:   Lake Lure Dragon Boat Racing (LLDBR) will be using World Championship fiberglass dragon boats.  Each boat is fully equipped with dragon head and tail, PFDs, steering oar and drum.  Paddles will be supplied by Race Management as required.  Team members may use their own paddles as long as they conform to IDBF specifications.

16. Storage:   Teams will take full responsibility for any and all personal belongings and other material left in the team area.  Race Management is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles.

17. Team Space Removal:   Team agrees to completely dismantle and remove all material and decorations from their team area.  Team also agrees to return team area back to the same condition it was in when received from Race Management by 7:30pm on race day.

18.North Carolina Law:   This agreement shall be governed by and be construed according to the laws of the State of North Carolina.

19. Attorney’s Fees:   Team agrees that if any legal action is taken to enforce any of the above regulations the prevailing party shall be entitled to reimbursement of reasonable